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Fall Recipe Favorites!

We are right in the middle of fall, getting ready to break out the winter clothes for the freezing weather coming up. But what’s great about fall of course is….the FOOD!

I have to admit, I am not a fan of cold weather, but then again who is? It’s been hard for me to accept that yet again winter is knocking at our doors and pretty soon white flakes will be drifting from the sky. But I can’t fight it any longer, not with Halloween only two days away!

What’s really great about fall weather, Halloween and the amazing feelings this time of the year brings (bright colors, falling leaves, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, etc.) is the tastes and spices that come with it.

Another of my secrets is that I love to bake! And what better time to bake then when the weather starts getting chilly and pumpkin starts appearing on everyone’s grocery list!

This fall, my family and I tried our hands at some pretty amazing recipes that you must try! These recipes are great for family gatherings, which will be coming up before we know it.

My top favorite fall and Thanksgiving recipes:

1. The Pumpkin Roll

You never beat the taste of a perfectly made pumpkin roll. This delicious dessert is the best way to say hello to fall. It’s great for any Thanksgiving or family gathering during the season.

pumpkin roll

2. Classic Pumpkin Pie.

There is no better way to welcome the season than with a classic favorite. This pumpkin pie will have all of your family members asking you for the recipe and patting you on the back.


3. Chocolate Brownie!

I know what you’re thinking, a chocolate brownie doesn’t really scream fall, but this chocolate brownie does! It’s about taking a classic that everyone, especially the kids, love and adapting it to the different seasons.


My homemade brownie pumpkin. Got some help from my niece and nephew.

4. The pumpkin muffin from Starbucks.

Yes, you too can make this delicious muffin and have it taste just as good as getting it out of the café. This muffin is a personal favorite of mine whether I choose to make it myself or spend some cash at Starbucks.


Try these amazing recipes and let me know what you think!


Finding Self Confidence…

It’s not easy to stand in front of a crowd and feel completely confident in yourself.

If you’re anything like me, the thoughts in the back of your head are something like, do I have anything in my teeth, are my clothes completely hideous, what if they find me boring or unprepared….

Self confidence is something I’ve always admired in others, but have suffered from myself. I can remember a time when I would emotionally beat myself inside because of saying things like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘someone else is better then me, so why even try’.

Confidence is a hard subject to extract upon yourself if your not almost born with it. But, I have found ways to improve my confidence, so I knew others can do it too. Here are some helpful tips I’ve found:

1. Dress to impress! I know this sounds a little cliché, but it’s true and it’s been proven to work. I can say from personal experience that I always do my best when I feel my best. What better way to feel great than wearing something you are confident in and that makes you feel awesome! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or high fashion, as long as what you’re wearing is completely you.

2. Exercise. Even saying the word exercise makes me exhausted, but exercise has also been proven to boost one’s self confidence. It’s all about how you feel and present yourself as an individual. I’m not saying you have to do three hours of weight training a day, but maybe a yoga class two or three times a week just to get you moving. Personally, as a dancer, I love to exercise, and I ALWAYS feel so much better afterwards.



3. Eat healthier, but don’t completely cut off the treats. I love a great salad or an apple for a meal, but I also love to snack and eat sweets. Eating healthy is something that is very important to me as a model and an individual. I will never, ever starve myself or make myself sick, but eating healthy is something that makes me feel great and helps keep me going and motivated. Try adding an apple or banana for an everyday snack, and drink plenty of water! Also, try making small changes like eating dark chocolate instead of a candy bar.


4. Remember your strengths. Sometimes writing down your strengths and accomplishments can help you remember what you are striving for in life. Keeping a list of your accomplishments is a great way to improve your confidence and keep you motivated for the future. It can help keep you on track and be a personal reminder that you do have strengths and you can do whatever it is you’re striving to be.                                       imagesCAOVRRH1

I hope these tips help you out. Just remember to keep going everyday, and never tell yourself you can’t do something!