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Finding Self Confidence…

It’s not easy to stand in front of a crowd and feel completely confident in yourself.

If you’re anything like me, the thoughts in the back of your head are something like, do I have anything in my teeth, are my clothes completely hideous, what if they find me boring or unprepared….

Self confidence is something I’ve always admired in others, but have suffered from myself. I can remember a time when I would emotionally beat myself inside because of saying things like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘someone else is better then me, so why even try’.

Confidence is a hard subject to extract upon yourself if your not almost born with it. But, I have found ways to improve my confidence, so I knew others can do it too. Here are some helpful tips I’ve found:

1. Dress to impress! I know this sounds a little cliché, but it’s true and it’s been proven to work. I can say from personal experience that I always do my best when I feel my best. What better way to feel great than wearing something you are confident in and that makes you feel awesome! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or high fashion, as long as what you’re wearing is completely you.

2. Exercise. Even saying the word exercise makes me exhausted, but exercise has also been proven to boost one’s self confidence. It’s all about how you feel and present yourself as an individual. I’m not saying you have to do three hours of weight training a day, but maybe a yoga class two or three times a week just to get you moving. Personally, as a dancer, I love to exercise, and I ALWAYS feel so much better afterwards.



3. Eat healthier, but don’t completely cut off the treats. I love a great salad or an apple for a meal, but I also love to snack and eat sweets. Eating healthy is something that is very important to me as a model and an individual. I will never, ever starve myself or make myself sick, but eating healthy is something that makes me feel great and helps keep me going and motivated. Try adding an apple or banana for an everyday snack, and drink plenty of water! Also, try making small changes like eating dark chocolate instead of a candy bar.


4. Remember your strengths. Sometimes writing down your strengths and accomplishments can help you remember what you are striving for in life. Keeping a list of your accomplishments is a great way to improve your confidence and keep you motivated for the future. It can help keep you on track and be a personal reminder that you do have strengths and you can do whatever it is you’re striving to be.                                       imagesCAOVRRH1

I hope these tips help you out. Just remember to keep going everyday, and never tell yourself you can’t do something!




It’s Monday and there’s no better way to start off the new week than with a hot new tune freshly downloaded onto your iPhone. or spotting you fav star on the cover of you fav magazine!

In this generation, we see a lot of music stars blended with the fashion world. Rihanna, Beyonce,  Arianna Grande, just to name a few. But one star has recently been given the honor only millions of models could ever dream about.

Yes, I’m talking about Taylor Swift’s photo on the cover of Vogue UK!

November 2014 EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman COVER: Mario Testino MODEL: Taylor Swift

Whether you’re a fan of Swift’s or not, her image on the cover of British Vogue is stunningly beautiful. Plus, it’s a HUGE career step for her.

Granted, Swift has graced the covers of American Vogue and Teen Vogue, but along with this cover comes a new branch of music for the pop star as well.

Swift tells Vogue, “This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things,” she said. “Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

Also in this issue, Swift let’s us in to her personal life and her thoughts on dating. Apparently, she is not looking for a relationship, and doesn’t see how one could fit in with the way her life is at this time.

Taylor’s new album will be released on October 27th, and has many fans excited to hear her new sound!

Growing Up Online

We have entered the generation of technology and internet, but are there certain side effects that could greatly affect us in the future?

Sure having 24 hour internet service has it’s major perks, I mean we all love to check our Facebook every hour or post a new picture to Instagram with a trendy hashtag. But there is a dark side to being online that is outlined in this documentary, Growing Up Online.

Growing up online

Online safety is something that is often being taught, or at least covered, in schools this generation. I know it’s something we all know and hear everyday, but it’s also extremely important information.

After watching this documentary in class, I felt like it covered a lot of subjects people in our generation are already aware of. We know about cyber bullying and fake profiles and everything you post is ‘out-there’ for the world to see. It’s still really important information to know.


Everyday, the age of holding cell phones or having a Facebook profile gets younger and younger. Now, I see ten year olds on their phone updating their latest status or posting selfies to Instagram. It’s a little shocking to see.

We can’t exactly stop them from being online, but we can make sure they understand the dangers of it and how to help avoid online predators and cyber bullying.

This documentary is outdated for our generation, but still covers the basic facts and is relevant to our society today. The video covers many situations that many people, especially younger people, go through ever day online.

These dangers include holding fake online profiles, sharing bad/nude pictures that could possibly be hacked and exposed, sharing information to bad websites or online predators, cyber bullying your friends or peers, and the list goes on.

Being aware of the dangers and knowing what is out there is an important step in protecting yourself and your children.

I’m not saying that we should do away with Facebook or any other online social media site, because I myself love Facebook and Pinterest, etc. All I’m saying is, please keep yourself and your kids protected online. Know the dangers and know how to stay safe from them.


Here are some videos they may help:

A Supermodel Fandom: Karlie Kloss

Fandoms are taking over the world of social media. From Directioners to Swifters, Potter Heads to Tributes, fandoms are quickly appearing more and more on the web.

Many fans are quick to create sites for their favorite celebrity, and why? It’s a for-sure way to get your very dedicated, maybe slightly obsessive, commitment to your celebrity, group, or object into the world wide web for all to see and share. The best way to share pictures, updates, interviews, and latest rumors or news…? Fan sites, of course!

One fandom that may not be quite as massive as, let’s say, Directioners for instance, is a fandom for the world of fashion. You don’t see many supermodel or designer fandoms winning awards for best fandom of the year at the MTV Awards, but they’re still out there.

Supermodels do, in fact, track a lot of fan sites and attention from various people. One supermodel, Karlie Kloss, has risen above many current day supermodels, having various websites dedicated to her career and modeling.

voguekloss              karlie-cover-2

But, not all fan sites are necessarily good. So, what makes a good fan page? There’s a lot that goes into making a website, especially when the site focuses on one person or topic of interest. Here are three sites dedicated to none other than Karlie Kloss:

The first site, karlie-kloss, is a fan site dedicated to the famous and upcoming supermodel. At first glance, the home page is very bright. Uses a white background with pale letters making the writing incredibly hard for the eye to read.

The site does use updated pictures. but the actual post are extremely out-of-date with the last featured article being uploaded on Nov. 2011.

Although it’s very outdated, the site has various pages to look at with pictures and interviews. It features five different pages: Home, About, Photo Gallery, Career, and Icons page. But, all the different pages and categories are a little useless if all the information is from the year 2011.

The next fan site,, is a more up-to-date version of the last fan webpage. First impressions: Bright colors, lots of pictures (but older pics), good timeline of photos, lots of videos and links.

Many videos of the supermodel are featured on this page, but again, the news and media is a little outdated. The last post was from January 30th. A lot has happened since then!

A good attribute to this fan site, it also carries many pages, links, and info. It has a good biography page for Karlie that includes how she got started and some of her biggest works. The Gallery page is a great page for magazine covers, runway, and editorials the model has done.

Advertising for this site is found on the sidebars and is similar to the page, including ads for Victoria’s Secret. All in all, the worst part is the out-of-date posts.

The next, and best, web page dedicated to the very famous supermodel is, karlieklossonline. This site was very up-to-date! The homepage was done in brilliant colors, with the latest pictures of Kloss as well as the latest news and info.

The site provides links to all social media and gives plenty of pages which include: Home, About, Career, Photo gallery, site/web/links. The different pages also give links to articles and interviews from Karlie, plus any and all pictures you could be looking for, including New York Fashion Week that just went down last week.

Karlieklossonline is great about giving the latest news, and is easy to read with less ads or interruptions. I enjoyed the site and thought it was very well organized and planned out.

So, what makes a good fan site? Well, I hope this helped answer that question. There are numerous web pages for a variety of people, celebs, books, video games. whatever. If you are going to make a fansite, make sure it’s up-to-date, and make sure it rocks!

Karlie with fans
Karlie with fans

Style Blogging: Compare and Contrast Style Blogs

Personal Style blogs have become more and more popular over the years with many people trying to keep up on the latest fashion trends and news. Three top style blogs, as named in fashionista, include Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, Bryan Boy by Bryan Grey Yambao, and Into The Gloss by Emily Weiss.

True, all three blogs are based on the latest happenings in style and fashion, but all three blogs are also quite different. So how do we know which is best? Well, let’s see how each of the three blogs compare and contrasts against each other.

 The first blog site, cupcakesandcashmere, at first sight comes across as bright and fun to look at. The page opens up with the latest posted blog, which are updated at least once every day. The page also gives you links to social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The toolbar, found at the top of the page, gives easy quick links to stories or blogs you may be searching for, such as: beauty, fashion, decor, DIYs, and food. It also features subcategories for each link to refine your search even more. Overall, the layout of the page and the quick links make this blog easy to follow and fun to read.

The next blog, bryanboy, is much different than cupcake and cashmere and is geared towards another audience. This site is much more focused on the style side of things and does not include any DIYs or decors, etc. The blog, at first glance, is appealing to the eye, but is not quite as easy to navigate, nor is it up-to-date.

Bryan’s page features many videos and pictures, but not so much writing. He incorporates many hyperlinks to other stories in magazines and videos in Youtube. He does, however, give links to any and all social media, but his posts are not quite as often and there are many adds found on the front page.

The site uses a toolbar to find your way to other featured stories, but does not include any subcategories to make your search easier. He has several pages to look through, and his blog page is a little more cluttered and not very user friendly.

The third and final blog, intothegloss, is also a more fashion based blog, especially for the younger adult women. The blog is nice to look at with pictures and tutorial videos making the first page, and a user friendly tool bar located at the top.

Although this blog is somewhat similar to cupcakes and cashmere, is differs in that it doesn’t include any DIYs or decors, but instead includes more beauty tips and blogs for hair, lipstick, eyes, nails, and skin. The blog also features an interview category as well as an ask ITG.

This site also includes ads, but they are located mainly on the sidebar and are similar to the style and audience of the blog. I personally liked that the blog offered reviews on new products and was also very up-to-date on the latest fashion and stories. It was reader friendly and quick to navigate.

Overall, all three blogs have something to offer different types of readers. To find which may be best for you, use the hyperlinks provided for each blog and check them out for yourself!