Style Blogging: Compare and Contrast Style Blogs

Personal Style blogs have become more and more popular over the years with many people trying to keep up on the latest fashion trends and news. Three top style blogs, as named in fashionista, include Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, Bryan Boy by Bryan Grey Yambao, and Into The Gloss by Emily Weiss.

True, all three blogs are based on the latest happenings in style and fashion, but all three blogs are also quite different. So how do we know which is best? Well, let’s see how each of the three blogs compare and contrasts against each other.

 The first blog site, cupcakesandcashmere, at first sight comes across as bright and fun to look at. The page opens up with the latest posted blog, which are updated at least once every day. The page also gives you links to social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The toolbar, found at the top of the page, gives easy quick links to stories or blogs you may be searching for, such as: beauty, fashion, decor, DIYs, and food. It also features subcategories for each link to refine your search even more. Overall, the layout of the page and the quick links make this blog easy to follow and fun to read.

The next blog, bryanboy, is much different than cupcake and cashmere and is geared towards another audience. This site is much more focused on the style side of things and does not include any DIYs or decors, etc. The blog, at first glance, is appealing to the eye, but is not quite as easy to navigate, nor is it up-to-date.

Bryan’s page features many videos and pictures, but not so much writing. He incorporates many hyperlinks to other stories in magazines and videos in Youtube. He does, however, give links to any and all social media, but his posts are not quite as often and there are many adds found on the front page.

The site uses a toolbar to find your way to other featured stories, but does not include any subcategories to make your search easier. He has several pages to look through, and his blog page is a little more cluttered and not very user friendly.

The third and final blog, intothegloss, is also a more fashion based blog, especially for the younger adult women. The blog is nice to look at with pictures and tutorial videos making the first page, and a user friendly tool bar located at the top.

Although this blog is somewhat similar to cupcakes and cashmere, is differs in that it doesn’t include any DIYs or decors, but instead includes more beauty tips and blogs for hair, lipstick, eyes, nails, and skin. The blog also features an interview category as well as an ask ITG.

This site also includes ads, but they are located mainly on the sidebar and are similar to the style and audience of the blog. I personally liked that the blog offered reviews on new products and was also very up-to-date on the latest fashion and stories. It was reader friendly and quick to navigate.

Overall, all three blogs have something to offer different types of readers. To find which may be best for you, use the hyperlinks provided for each blog and check them out for yourself!


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